Robbery Heist D. B. Cooper

This game idea is a game that you Rob banks and other places and is an RPG style game to be developed for cell phones and Internet sites like facebook and other flash based game websites. You rob banks with assets needed to rob more and bigger loot places. There are 2D pictures of (example: “safe”) key points in the game where there is a programmed car chase that is represented with a still picture of a chase with cops. You can rob armored cars, jewelry stores, convenience stores and people on the street. It will have characters of your team of criminals and low poly models of things like guns and masks. Escaping with cars at first and then with a plane. You start off with $500 and rip off people then move on to bigger things like stealing and then bank robberies. And as a bonus, it will have the wild west version for and extra $1 on itunes apps store.