Chicago: Second City

This project was inspired by the new upcoming game, “watch dogs” by ubisoft. this is partly accurate but my own version of the present city of chicago.

All of the shading, lighting and blue textures were made by me in 3ds max and after effects. i made the zones and plots using the website some of the buildings were downloaded from google earth. the rest of the buildings were made by using a nice script i found called, ghostown. with a little help from that i also built the road network.” illustrator was used for the road lines and i used polycrusher to cut down on the polycount to render it out with no problems.

Brandon volpe pointcloud image 0011
Brandon volpe secondcitywireframe image 0031
Brandon volpe secondcitywireframe image 0071
Brandon volpe secondcitywireframe image 0091
Brandon volpe secondcity images1600x900 005
Brandon volpe gt1
Brandon volpe mapviewc